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Insultec Plus - Cork Spray coating

Thermal Insulation - Waterproofing - Heat Reflective - High Flexibility - Eco Friendly

Cork Spray coating

Insultec Plus

Introducing Australian-made Insultec Plus, an eco-friendly decorative spray coating that redefines how you think about interior and exterior spaces. Discover the seamless blend of advanced technology and nature’s goodness, providing your spaces with long-lasting protection, thermal insulation, and stunning aesthetics.

cork spray coating

Insultec Cork Spray on Gas Stove Pan

INSULTEC PLUS presents an advanced coating solution engineered to meet rigorous insulation and protection criteria. The product is equipped with superior waterproofing properties, guaranteeing an effective barrier against moisture penetration and averting potential structural deterioration. Additionally, INSULTEC PLUS is formulated to provide considerable heat-reflective coatings, serving as a robust defensive layer that enhances the safety of your home.

Cork’s cellular structure composed of millions of tiny air pockets acts as a natural barrier against temperature fluctuations. This unique composition ensures that your home remains cool during the sweltering summer months and comfortably warm in the chill of winter.

By choosing Insultec Plus with cork spray, you’re not just enhancing your home’s energy efficiency; you’re also embracing an eco-friendly insulation solution that reduces your carbon footprint.

Cork Spray Insulation

thermal reflective paint

The Origin of Our Cork

Cork is harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak tree (Quercus Suber), a noble species native to the Mediterranean region.

This remarkable process is environmentally sustainable, as the cork oak is never cut down. Instead, skilled workers carefully remove the bark, allowing it to regenerate fully, making cork an endlessly renewable resource.

Experience thermal insulation and avoid extreme expansions and contractions, with our Cork Spray Coating

The Top Benefits of Cork Insulation

Unlock the full potential of your home with cork spray insulation. Explore the key benefits that make cork coatings the superior choice:

  • Stay Comfortable: Year-round climate control with less energy.
  • Save More: Cut costs, save energy.
  • Go Green: Eco-friendly, sustainable choice.
  • Safety Ensured: Natural fire resistance.
  • Quiet Comfort: Superior noise reduction.
  • Lasts Longer: Mold, mildew, and pest resistant.
  • Healthier Home: Regulates humidity, and prevents mold.
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