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The Comprehensive Guide to Spray Cork Insulation: All You Need To Know

If you’re aiming to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, spray cork insulation is a solution you might encounter. However, being a modern innovation, many people are not entirely familiar with what it is, how it can be applied, and the numerous benefits it offers.

Spray Cork Insulation: All You Need To Know

Spray Cork Insulation: The Essentials

Spray cork is composed of cork granules, derived from the bark of cork oak trees without the need for felling, which are incorporated into a sprayed insulation solution. The cork’s natural insulative properties, along with several other inherent qualities, make it an effective insulation material.

This insulation can be applied to various surfaces as an alternative to insulation boards, foam, wool, and other materials. It offers exceptional durability, backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Additionally, for external applications, a wide range of colours is available to complement your property’s appearance.

Why Choose Cork Insulation?

Cork is an excellent choice for enhancing the energy efficiency and comfort of homes. It is an affordable and eco-friendly building material, making it ideal for homeowners looking to maximise their investment.

Though not completely waterproof, cork is more water-resistant than many other insulators and serves as an effective soundproofing agent. It provides good insulation by reducing noise and preventing condensation issues when moisture escapes from within walls or ceilings.

Applications of Spray Cork Insulation

There are three primary applications for spray cork insulation:

Applications of roofing Insulation

External Walls

Spray cork can be applied externally as a cork render to insulate buildings from the outside. It can cover brickwork or existing render, including pebbledash, with a smooth, uniform finish. Because the coating is thin, there’s no need to adjust fixtures such as gutters, downpipes, windows, and doors.

Internal Walls

Spray cork can also be used on internal walls for insulation. Two 3mm coats are applied to the walls, followed by a 2mm overskim of plaster. This results in an insulated surface that’s easy to decorate without significantly reducing room size.

Roof Coating

Applying spray cork insulation to your roof can prevent heat from escaping. It is suitable for pitched tile and slate roofs as well as various flat roofing materials. It can also be used on conservatory roofs, helping to keep the space warmer in winter and cooler in summer, thus eliminating the greenhouse effect common in many conservatories.

Other Applications

In addition to insulation, spray cork has several other valuable uses, including:

  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Cracked render repair
  • Waterproofing industrial roofs

The 10 Benefits of Spray Cork Insulation

Here’s what everyone wants to know – the benefits of spray cork for you and your property. Check out the main advantages below:

cork spray coating

  1. Thermal Insulation

Spray cork offers excellent thermal performance, creating a smooth, uniform coating that reduces thermal bridges where heat typically escapes. It claims it can lower your heating bills by 15%.

  1. Noise Insulation

Spray cork forms an effective noise barrier, absorbing up to 38dB, ensuring a peaceful environment free from traffic or neighbour noise, perfect for working, entertaining guests, or sleeping.

  1. Weather Resistance

Spray cork insulation enhances the weather resistance of your roof or walls, protecting against everything from heavy rain to coastal salt spray. This reduces the likelihood of leaks and water ingress, minimising the risk of damp and mould.

  1. Crack Resistance

Cracks not only look unsightly but can also allow moisture to penetrate your roof or walls. Fortunately, cork is naturally flexible, accommodating the natural movement of buildings and the expansion and contraction of building materials.

  1. Eco-Friendly

When cork-rich bark is harvested, trees absorb more CO2 to regenerate it, making spray cork insulation sustainable and environmentally beneficial. Additionally, it reduces energy consumption by retaining more heat in your property.

  1. Long-Lasting

Thanks to its weather resistance and flexibility, spray cork is highly durable. It comes with a 25-year guarantee and can easily last several decades.

  1. Versatile

Spray cork is a versatile form of insulation that can be applied to various surfaces, including brickwork, plaster, and even steel, and different parts of the building, such as walls and roofs.

  1. Space Saving

Unlike bulky insulation types, spray cork doesn’t encroach on usable indoor space and doesn’t require adjustments to external fixtures.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Spray cork insulation provides a smooth, uniform finish with a choice of colours, enhancing the appearance of your property while improving thermal efficiency.

  1. Damp Resistance

Non-porous and breathable, spray cork is completely resistant to damp, ensuring it won’t trap moisture in your roof or walls.

Cork Insulation: A Natural and Eco-Friendly Solution

Revolutionise your space with cork spray

Cork insulation is a natural and eco-friendly way to keep your home warm and cosy. It offers numerous benefits, including environmental sustainability, thermal resistance, soundproofing, and water resistance. As a renewable resource, cork is affordable and non-toxic, making it safe for families.

However, to ensure its effectiveness and longevity, proper installation and maintenance are crucial. If you’re interested in cork insulation for your home, explore our range of services and products on our site. We offer roofing and exterior painting services, as well as cork insulation.

Take advantage of our competitive pricing and unbeatable selection at Thinking Thermal. Want to learn more? No problem! Give us a call today or visit our website to explore our high-quality cork building products.


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